Your Environment Affects Your Health

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A New Paradigm in EMF Science

This article was published earlier this year in The Bent, which is the magazine for the National Engineering Honor Society. The organization has a membership of 87,000 engineers across the country and the overall response was quite positive. The article succinctly summarizes how EMF science now shows that wireless technology can harm our health and I point toward solutions …


Conor made a home visit. He explained himself and what he was about. He asked questions about our son and wanted us to work on the positive things which we were already doing ie allowing Christopher to eat natural food and stay away from man made items. He checked our house for his readings and helped get the levels down. Christopher has shown a vast improvement since Conor visit, in both home and school life. We have embraced Conor’s ideas and in general the whole family is benefiting. My wife and I would recommend Conor to anyone.


On the 27th February 2015 I was present at an event where Conor Brady made a presentation on the causes and effects of “Dirty Electricity”. This intrigued me since for roughly the previous six months I had got into  a pattern of becoming awake at 2.00 to 2.30 each morning and being unable to sleep for three or more hours afterwards in the dead of night practically every night. It resulted in me being exhausted every morning and dreading each long night ahead. Therefore in my own situation immediately following your presentation I thought about Appliances in our own home and especially of a power supply to our Broadband Router and TV Booster, both of which are located in the roofspace, but which is plugged into a socket in my bedroom. There and then I decided to switch it off for the night. I slept soundly that night and ever since when I made a point of switching off that power supply. On 3 occasions since I awoke at the 2.00-2.30am period and was having difficulty getting back to sleep and on checking discovered I had missed switching off offending switch with immediate results. Now nearly 10 months later I am feeling completely different. I am now rested and relaxed in the morning and at night I don’t dread going to bed and the consequences of another long night. What a difference.

Thank you Conor

Sean Clarke (Councillor)

Since Conor changed the type of light bulbs I was using throughout my whole house my chronic headaches have gone away and not returned.