Your Environment affects your Health

There is a growing mountain of evidence indicating that the environments we spend most of our time in, in particular our homes and especially our bedrooms can have a very positive or very negative affect on our health.

The three main sources of concern are:

Man made Electromagnetic Radiation
Sources include: WiFi, Wi-Max, mobile phones and towers, cordless DECT phones, games console, home entertainment systems and even home electrical wiring

Toxic chemicals
Sources include: Tap water, cleaning and body care products,  paints, pesticides, synthetic materials, carpets

Mycotoxins (Mold Toxins)
Sources include: Damp building materials, carpets

Founded by myself Conor Brady, I became interesting in the relationship between our environments and our health through my own experience with illness between 2007 and 2010 when I suffered from a long list of health complaints including ME/CFS, IBS, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity and extreme electrosensitivity.  I lived in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs on the 7th floor of an apartment block, surrounded by radio-frequency radiation from my neighbour’s WiFi, mobile phones, DECT cordless phones and low frequency electric and magnetic fields from my electric alarm clock and the electrical wiring all around me, there was also an 82 meter telecommunications tower 600 meters from my apartment.  I worked full-time in a busy office environment in the city center again being exposed to massive amounts of man made electromagnetic radiation, I was living in Electrosmog Hell.  I was also drinking chlorinated/fluoridated water, used toxic cleaning and body care products and regularly sprayed highly toxic insecticides to keep the cockroach population in my kitchen down!

Although optimizing my nutrition, spending time in nature, exercise and adopting a positive attitude were key to my recovery, my results were limited until I became aware of the detrimental effects my environment was having on my health, especially EMFs, and more importantly taking steps to reduce my exposure.

I quit my job and returned home to Ireland so I could recover and begin learning as much as I could about how our environment affects health.  When I learned how to reduce my daily exposure, especially at nighttime my health took a dramatic turn for the better and has continued to spiral upwards.  My lifestyle, especially my interaction with modern technology has been finely crafted so that I now can live a relatively normal life.

I also have a BSc in Transport and Supply Chain Management, I enjoy hiking, resistance training, and eating local organic and wild foods.