EMF / EMR Surveys (Northern Ireland)

We carry out home  electromagnetic radiation surveys checking the levels and compare them with those recommended by the International Institute for Building-Biology® & Ecology, the European Academy for Environmental Medicine, Stetzer Electric and others.   If levels are found to be excessive and a concern, we provide effective strategies to reduce your exposure to safe levels whilst still enjoying the benefits of modern technology.

Our Surveys cover the following:

AC Electric Fields (50 Hz to 50 KHz)
Main sources:
Electrical home wiring, extension cables, electronic devices.

AC Magnetic Fields (50 Hz to 10 KHz)
Main sources:
Overhead and underground power lines, electrical home wiring, electronic devices.

High Frequency Transients (4-100 KHz)
Main sources:
Dimmer Switches, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Switching Mode Power Supplies

Radio Frequency Radiation (50 MHz – 8 GHz)
Main sources:
DECT Cordless Phones, Wi-Fi, Mobile Phones and Masts.

DC Electric and Magnetic Fields
Main sources
synthetic materials & magnetic materials

Evaluate potential new home purchase/rental

You will receive a full written report of our finding with recommendations on how to reduce your exposure to levels AS LOW AS REASONABLY POSSIBLE

Price of a Survey

Northern Ireland

Up to 2 Bedroom: £80

3 Bedroom: £100

4 Bedroom: £120

£20 for each additional room


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By phone:

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Northern Ireland, UK
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