Based in Co Tyrone, Providing EMF & Geopathic Stress Guidance Nationwide

Based in Co Tyrone, Providing EMF & Geopathic Stress Guidance Nationwide

Based in Co Tyrone, Providing EMF & Geopathic Stress Guidance NationwideBased in Co Tyrone, Providing EMF & Geopathic Stress Guidance NationwideBased in Co Tyrone, Providing EMF & Geopathic Stress Guidance Nationwide
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About Me


I first became interested in the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) on health back in 2007 when my own health completely crashed .

What started out as minor digestive complaints spiraled out of control and within 6 months I had a long list of serious health complaints which would be commonly referred to as ME. 

As it turned out the radiation levels in both my working and sleeping environments were largely the source of my poor health.

As I researched the topic and learned how to reduce my exposure my health began to improve and I went on to make a full recovery.

I've studied both Building Biology and Geobiology and have been fortunate to help a number of clients, many electrically sensitive and seeking answers and many just wanting to  maintain their level of good health. 

What We Do


There is a growing body of evidence that man made Electromagnetic Radiation has adverse effects on our health.

This includes both low frequency sources such as overhead and underground electrical supply cables, home wiring ,and appliances; and high frequency sources such as telecommunication masts, smart phones, tablets, WiFi, wireless baby monitors and cordless phones.

We also look or "dowse" for sources of Natural Radiation aka "Geopathic Stress" which may be present in your sleeping area.

Sources of Geopathic Stress include Underground Water Veins, the Hartmann and Curry Grid Lines, Fault Lines, and Ground Mixing.

We can help you reduce your overall exposure in your home with special consideration given to the bedroom.

Our goal is to have you sleep in a radiation free environment so your body can heal.



Conor confirmed my suspicions when he came to carry out a survey in my new home. I had initially blamed my sleeplessness on the stress of moving, then the mattress (back pain kept me pain however when I was out of bed!). 

Then I was having headaches in the morning. The photo shows the Geopathic stress my body was under or above (on the right side of the bed). I had also tried sleeping in the room above but of course "as above so below" as the bed was in the same position so I was exposed to the same hot spots!
Imagine what state my body would have been in after a few months or years (it had only been a few weeks) if I had not taken action.
I have moved the bed as a temporary measure while work is going on in the house. Both my husband and I noticed a difference in our sleep quality the first night!
I'm glad that I booked him in before doing major works to the house too. Look forward to my follow up consultation soon! Don't waste your money on EMF stickers or phone pouches etc without hard evidence (don't trust their marketing) as all mine were showing off the high radiation scale. Even the so called "eco plus" low radiation phone!
What a relief to discover that there was no high risk radiation from the outside coming in, so at least we can take control and responsibility for what we expose ourselves to inside. Now I can finally settle myself in my new dream home thanks to you Conor!


I was introduced to Conor through a friend who booked him to do a survey in my home.
I was only briefly aware of the effects of radiation until Conor came. I had absolutely no knowledge of Geopathic stress up to this point either.
Thankfully outside of my home isn't as yet causing much of a concern though his findings INSIDE brought it home to me just what we are exposed to on a day to day basis without even realising.
I know now the effects of WiFi in the house, electrical circuits etc have been the contributing factor to migraine headaches & sleep disturbance. All has settled now since taking Conors advice. I can actually FEEL the energy change in my body when I switch everything back on in the mornings. Feelings of anxiety that I had from time to time were actually being caused by radiation within my home!   
Conor is very thorough in his exploration, explains everything so well & his knowledge & advice is immeasurable. So pleased to have met him & looking forward to learning more from him. Would 100% recommend contacting Conor if you are in any way concerned about protecting your health.   

Lesley M

 I had a survey completed on my home in late July 2018.   

I am very pleased I did and it was part of a larger picture with regard to my own health and well-being. There was nothing wrong I just knew that I was not using all the energy available to me.   As part of this I arranged for Conor to come and do the survey.   
 It was interesting and informative and thorough.

I would highly recommend having one done. The changes recommended have been implemented and I have to say I feel the benefits.  
You only have one body look after it well and the space you call home the best you can and it will give you rewards and allow you to live a healthy fulfilled life. Life is a gift and needs to be looked after.   
Do not leave the care of your body and home in the hands of others take control.  

Madeleine D


Raced bikes, ran miles, loved my job and lived a healthy life.

Got progressively sick while at work, eventually being bed bound with headache, vertigo, muscle spasms, disorientation and tinnitus. Prescribed medication had no effect.    

To my horror discovered I was being poisoned by radiation from multiple cell phones, powerful office phone booster stations and Wifi.

I had no support, no effective medical help, no professional advice and faced loosing my job. 

Contacted Conor who provided experience based advice founded on scientific fact and set me on a road to recovery.

Conor knows the truth; don't be fooled by wireless hype.

Jamie D

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