Based in Cookstown, Providing Electromagnetic Radiation & Geopathic Stress Guidance Nationwide

There is a growing body of evidence that man-made Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is having an adverse effects on our health.

A great deal of research has linked exposure to EMR with chronic inflammation which appears to be a pre-cursor to many of the modern diseases of civilisation such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Autism, MS, and M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Sources of EMR includes Low-frequency, Intermediate Frequency (Dirty Electricity) and High Frequency.

Low Frequency Sources:

Overhead and Underground Electrical Transmission, Distribution & Supply Cables

Home Wiring and Electrical Appliances

Intermediate Frequency Sources:

Dimmer Switches, Energy Efficient Lighting, Chargers, Switching Mode Power Supplies

High-frequency Sources:

Telecommunication masts, Wi-Fi, Smartphones, Tablets, Wireless Baby Monitors, and Cordless Phones

During a home visit I carry out a detailed visual inspection inside and outside the home, taking multiple readings, paying special attention to the bedrooms.

We also look or “dowse” for sources of Natural Radiation aka “Geopathic Stress” which may be present in your sleeping area.

Sources of Geopathic Stress include Underground Water Veins, the Hartmann and Curry Grid Lines, Fault Lines, and Ground Mixing.

We can help you reduce your overall exposure in your home with special consideration given to the bedroom.

Our goal is to have you sleep in a radiation-free environment so your body can heal.